Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I clean my ICEPAL®?

With warm soapy water. We recommend you avoid putting it in the washing machine as this could damage it. You would then be very sad about your loss!


Can I use ICEPAL® with any hat?

Yes, but you may need to pull down the inner band on a brimmed hat or put two small slits in the back of the hat for the clips to slide through in order to attach it.


Can I use ICEPAL® on a motorcycle or in my car?

It is not recommended. On a motorcycle for instance your hat and ICEPAL® could become airborne and cause a driving hazard.


Can I use dry ice to rotate and re-freeze my ICEPAL®s?

Absolutely not. We love our customers and wouldn't want you to get burned because dry ice is about -109 degrees Fahrenheit. Can you say "nasty burn?!"


Who can use ICEPAL®?

Anyone 12 years old or older who needs relief from the heat.


How long will my ICEPAL® provide cooling?

The initial frozen ice pack will last approximately one and a half hours. So realistically if you start out with the two ice packs frozen, you will have about three hours of cooling. If rotating the two ice packs in your freezer or iced down cooler, each time you rotate the ice pack you will get about 45 minutes each rotation.


Are there different sizes?

No, ICEPAL® is designed to adjust to fit anyone.




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